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Host a Table Talk or Meet and Greet

Kitchen Table Talks

The idea of our kitchen table talks is to gather people around a meal to discuss the important issues we face together in our state.  As a vegetable farmer, food is a very important component of my life, so for me there is nothing quite like sitting down at a table to break bread, and take the time to connect with one another.  These talks will give us an opportunity to slow down, sit down, and share a meal, while giving you a platform to voice your concerns, and what you would like this campaign to accomplish for a stronger, more connected Vermont.  Please consider hosting an event.  This can be a potluck style dinner, or we would be happy to provide some of our home cooking.

Meet & Greet

If you would like to hold an informal meet-and-greet with Brad and some of your friends and neighbors, please contact the campaign.  Brad is happy to meet with as many voters as possible between now and November in order to gain a better understanding of what issues are most important to Vermonters and what kind of leadership you are looking for in your elected officials.  This is your seat and your voice matters.

Please fill out the form below to schedule the event.

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