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Vermont Born and Raised

“I attempted to serve my country once and was denied that honor by the government I swore to protect. Now, I would like to finish my service to this state and to this country with the people I trust, the people of Vermont by my side.”

Meet Brad Page

Brad Peacock was born and raised in Shaftsbury, Vermont where he has spent the majority of his life. After finishing high school, he enlisted in the Air Force and later attended the University of Vermont, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in History. For the past twelve years, he has worked as a farmer at Clear Brook Farm. Throughout his career he has learned the value of hard work, sustainable farming, land stewardship, and the economic importance of agriculture in Vermont’s history. Brad has helped feed communities all across the state, and continues to be a strong advocate for growing our local economies. He lives with his husband in Shaftsbury and continues to farm.

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